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Welcome to The Bariatric Skinny. The Bariatric Skinny is your source for informative content about bariatric surgery and tools to help you eat properly and lose weight after your procedure. The Bariatric Skinny Diet is a comprehensive online dietician system that provides individually customized meal plans to follow after your surgery. The software system and tools on the site are a product of over a decade of software development resulting in the best diet, fitness and weight loss tools on the Web. We continually strive to improve the content and tools offered to users and the following are some of the features to explore:

The Bariatric Skinny is solely owned by Genesant Technologies, Inc ("Genesant"). Genesant is a Washington D.C. area software company founded in 1999 that specializes in the online and mobile publishing of health, diet and fitness content.


Genesant's online and mobile health, diet and fitness software applications are the product of millions of dollars in research and development and years of development by our talented and dedicated staff. We have been fortunate to have technology team led by talented alums of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) undergraduate and graduate computer science programs.

Tom Christ, CEO and Co-Founder: Mr. Christ has been at Genesant since its inception and continues to provide strong leadership and strategic vision for our organization. Prior to Genesant, Mr. Christ spent his entire professional career at PaineWebber Incorporated in New York City working as an investment banker in Corporate Finance and as a founder of the company's proprietary trading division. Mr. Christ holds a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University.

Jim Mrowka, President and Co-Founder: Mr. Mrowka has been at Genesant since its inception and continues to be a driving force behind the company's efforts to revolutionize health, diet and fitness services. Prior to Genesant, Mr. Mrowka worked at Goldman, Sachs and Prudential Securities in New York City as a mortgage-backed bond trader. Mr. Mrowka holds a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University.

Adam Croswell, Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Croswell has worked at Genesant since 2000 and has been its CTO since 2002. He provides great leadership for our technology team and oversees the design, coordination, and development process of Genesant’s technology projects. Prior to Genesant, Mr. Croswell worked as a software engineer at IBM. Mr. Croswell has an M.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a concentration in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Ted Decareau, Senior Vice President, Operations: Mr. Decareau has been at Genesant since 2000 and is responsible for managing the operational aspects of The Bariatric Skinny and Genesant’s network of Web sites, working closely with our partners to optimize customer acquisition and product development. Mr. Decareau holds a B.A. in History from Harvard University.

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Genesant is located about ten miles outside of Washington DC in the bustling Tyson’s Corner area, just minutes from Dulles International and Ronald Reagan International Airports. Please contact us with any customer service inquiries through the e-mail address below.

Bariatric Skinny Customer Service: customerservice@bariatricskinny.com

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