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Find the Lap-Band, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass support you need after surgery at The Bariatric Skinny. Getting good post weight loss surgery support is a key component to staying with your weight loss program and reaching your target weight. Browse the forums for helpful tips, join Lap-Band or gastric bypass support groups, participate in challenges, and make friends for that extra encouragement you need to succeed. Explore the following links to see more.

Lap-Band & Gastric Bypass Support Forums

Do you have questions about your bariatric surgery? Then post them in the Lap-Band or gastric bypass forums where other members and the Bariatric Skinny team can provide you with answers. Find great tips and get the weight loss surgery support you need. Here are some example member posts.

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Weight Loss Surgery Journals

Write about your bariatric surgery experiences and learn from those of other members. Discuss the challenges you are facing with your post-surgery efforts and get the Lap-Band and gastric bypass support that will help you reach your goals. Here are some example member journals.