Bariatric Exercises

*Do not begin exercising until your doctor has cleared you to do so.

Find great exercises to do after bariatric surgery at the Bariatric Skinny. Exercising is a key component to reaching your weight loss target and making it permanent. Look for bariatric exercises that will not only burn calories, but will also be enjoyable to do so that exercising becomes a regular part of your lifestyle for the long-run. A good blend of cardio and strength training exercises is a good way to go for calorie burning and increasing your metabolism.

The following are some suggested bariatric exercises that will get your heart pumping and burn lots of calories. You can also use one of the free weight loss fitness plans on the site that will provide you with a great routine of exercises to help you shed the extra weight.

Find Bariatric Exercises

Search below for fun and effective exercises to do after bariatric surgery. If you are just starting to exercise, please be sure to take it slow, use light weight for strength training exercises and always be sure to warm-up beforehand.

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