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Kresha's Successful Gastric Bypass Surgery

One-Year Later She is 119 lbs Lighter!

In this video, Kresha Artis discusses her weight loss surgery experience one year after her procedure.  Kresha had successful gastric bypass surgery that has resulted in her losing 119 lbs.  She credits much of her success to the diet and exercise-related lifestyle changes she made prior to surgery which she continued after her procedure. Kresha encourages people that are considering bariatric surgery to also make changes in how they eat and their activity level in conjuction with the surgery.  She watches what she eats and exercises regularly and the results are obvious when…

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  • Hi there fellow bloggers: just wanted to introduce myself to this new arena. I'm 59 & on February 7th 2013, I had my gastric sleeve surgery. After a solid year of research & prayer, I contacted Dr.Robert Marvin's office, here in Houston, TX area. i started on Atkins the same day, for mental/physical prep. I lost 25lbs, prior to surgery, which Doc Marvin highly commended me on...

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  • So excited. glad to have.found this site and look forward to meeing new people. making friends and exchanging information as we go.
    I'm from Missouri. Wt. today 222. goal wt. 140 . height 5'6" size 16 and xxxL.
    clothing.. any advice for the next few weeks to prepare would be appreciated.
    anybody on here ?

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