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Bariatric Surgery Reduces Cancer Risk

Study Shows a 78% Decreased Risk of Cancer

In this video bariatric surgeon Dr. Nicholas Christou of the McGill University Health Center in Canada discusses a study that he conducted that shows that bariatric surgery reduces your relative risk of developing cancer.  In the study, Dr. Christou compared over 1,000 morbidly obese patients that had bariatric surgery with a comparable number of severely obese patients that did not have surgery. The results of the five-year study were impressive, with the weight loss surgery patients showing a 78% lower overall risk of cancer compared to the control group.  The study further…

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From the Bariatric Surgery Journals

  • Sick of it posted by jlbundy
    I am so sick of trying to keep track of calories, protein, fat and fiber! I just want to eat healthy and not think about it. I had gastric bypass done 10/8/2008. I almost got down to my goal weight. I was playing with 5lbs for the last 4 years, but now I am gaining. I know it is my fault. I don't use my tool. I drink with meals and I eat too many starchy carbs and not enough protein....

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  • Its been 18 months since surgery. I am ready to stop eating also. I may go back to just liquids. I might mean I have to really weigh everything. I keep calories below 1500. I don't eat bread, pasta or rice but i have been eating wraps. Probably need to cut that out also. Alcohol intake is less also.

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